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Size: 32" x 72"

We've entered times that protecting the ones we care about is definitely one of the highest priorities may it be your employees, family members office, department etc.

That's why at RTS Tactical we've taken our initiative and went ahead to design and manufacture state of the art military grade Ballistic glass see-through Panels that can easily be taken relocated, moved around or placed wherever they are needed. Our RTS Tactical Ballistic Armor Glass Panel Dividers can be placed in entryways, cubicles or to protect windows without any interference or obstruction. Whether that being public, private or government facilities.


These Ballistic Armor Glass Panel Dividers have been put to the test and can withstand multiple hits from a large range of armor calibers and velocities.


Just like all the other Ballistic products we design and manufacture RTS Tactical confidently stands behind the quality of our products and ensures nothing but 100% satisfaction to our customers.


Safeguarding your workplace, home, and property is no longer a want, it's a necessity!




  • Mil-Spec Ballistic Glass
  • Free Standing Vertical Panels, Movable
  • Stops an onslaught of high-velocity Rifle ammunition
  • Low profile base with 4 heavy duty, lockable caster wheels
  • Made in USA and complies with the Buy American Act
  • Design incorporates a mechanism which allows two adjacent panels to be fixed together.
  • Glass panels are clear and can be seen through.
  • Glass panels can be placed in entryways, cubicles or protect windows without interference.
  • Panels have removable caster wheels to allow for mobility
  • Customizable to specific sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of local & federal agencies, as well as schools, churches and public spaces
  • 4 removable wheels
  • Steel frame with gaskets to ensure the longevity of use.
  • Made in the USA
  • Package Includes: Level III Rifle Protection Mil-Spec Ballistic Glass Panel/Divider with Steel frame and 4 removable and/or lockable castor wheels
  • Accessories: Additional glass panels to create wall or space divider




  • Product Name: RTS Tactical Ballistic Armor Glass Panel Dividers
  • NIJ Standard: 0108.01 for Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials, Compliant
  • Protection Level: Level III Rifle
  • Manufacturer: Enhanced Armor
  • Style/Cut: Flat Curvature
  • Approximate Weight (lbs./oz.): 350.0000
  • Color: Clear/Glass
  • ID Platform: Without ID Platform
  • Materials: Clear Mil-Spec Ballistic Glass with Steel Frame and 4 Removable and Lockable Castor Wheels.




  • Test Standards: NIJ 0108.01 for Level III Rifle protection.
  • Test Rounds: Tested with an accredited NIJ approved laboratory to meet or exceed ballistic resistance as specified under NIJ Standard 0108.01. [Level III: 7.62-mm ammunition with a barrel length of 22 inches. 7.62-mm FMJ with nominal masses of 150 gr and measured 2,850 VEL @ 50 ft./sec.].




  • Size & Weight (approx): Framed finish will vary based on size. Standard Size: [32"L x 72"W]
  • Coverage: Full Coverage based on specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

All RTS Tactical products are in stock and ready to ship with no lead-times.

Shipping takes between 2-8 business days based on which state you live in.

All orders are shipped out of our facility in Miami Florida.

Yes! RTS Tactical guarantees are always free and fast shipping. (Aside from the following states (ALASKA, HAWAII, GUAM AND PUERTO RICO)

RTS Tactical ships to all 50 States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

There is a hassle-free return policy as long as the product is in perfect condition and within 30 calendar days from when it is delivered. (Does not apply for Ballistic Products)

RTS Tactical ships all our orders out of our shipping facility located in Miami Florida.