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Discover why RTS Tactical is the trusted choice for law enforcement nationwide.

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The RTS Tactical Difference

Our mission is to empower everyone who puts their lives in harm’s way to be fearless in the face of evil. Whether you're a law enforcement professional, military personnel, outdoor enthusiast or simply someone who values preparedness, you need reliable, durable gear for your tactical endeavors. So we've got you covered.

With elite-grade, outperforming equipment made in the USA, you can feel confident putting your trust — and your life — in our hands.

Over 2,000 Law Enforcement Agencies served throughout the USA.

Free USA Shipping

With RTS Tactical There Is Always Free Shipping Within The US EXCEPTION OF ALASKA, HAWAII, GUAM AND PUERTO RICO


RTS Tactical Armor Is Tested And In Compliance With The NIJ Standards


At RTS Tactical We Know The Operator Is The Number One Priority. All Of Our Products Are Designed To The Highest Quality Standards While Reassuring The Operator Is Fully Mobile And Fearless For All Missions.


With RTS Tactical There Is Always Free Shipping Within The US EXCEPTION OF ALASKA, HAWAII, GUAM AND PUERTO RICO

Some of our New products
deployed all across the US 

RTS Tactical Level III+ Rifle Special Threats Mini Shield™

Most Armor Ballistic Shields deployed and in use among United States Law Enforcement Agencies are not rated to provide any protection against rifle fire. And those departments that did plan for better protection, paid three times more for this higher level of protection. 

RTS Tactical RICO Special Operations Vest with FX770 Level IIIA Soft Armor

The RTS Tactical RICO Special Operations Vest with FX770 Level IIIA Soft Armor is the best in its class and provides the utmost protection for Special Operations, SWAT, Entry Teams, and Tactical Operations. Featuring a unique 4-point QR buckle system that allows fast donning and doffing while providing a side loading plate design to easily reduce weight.

RTS Tactical HST Quick Release Plate Carrier

Our RTS Tactical HST Quick Release Plate Carrier is designed to provide ultimate protection and comfort for those who put their lives on the line. It features our best-in-class spacer mesh that provides superior ventilation and breathability.

RTS Tactical OPSEC Advanced Quick Release Plate Carrier

Introducing the RTS Tactical OPSEC Advanced Quick Release Plate Carrier: the most capable and premium plate carrier on the market. It's built specifically for elite military operations, SWAT teams, and entry teams who demand the highest standard of tactical gear, no matter mission or danger level.

RTS Tactical Rapid Deploy IFAK

Be ready for any injury in the field with this comprehensive medical kit, outfitted with the latest cutting-edge components. When treating an injury in the field, time is critical. Every second counts. You need to be ready when called upon to save the life of a team member, even perhaps your own.

RTS Tactical Lightweight Level III+ Rifle Special Threats Inserts 

Level of Protection RTS Tactical Level III+ Lightweight Armor is capable of stopping multiple rifle rounds as per NIJ 0101.06 III - up to powerful 7.62x51 (M80)

• RTS Tactical Level III+ Lightweight Hard Armor Plates are available in 10x12" or 6x8" side plates

• 10x12 single plate weight is 5.9 lbs  • 6x8 Single plate weight is 2.5 lbs


Meet RTS Tactical’s brand new Hero’s Vest. This all-American vest is our most discreet, concealable, multi-threat resistant carrier yet. The USA made level IIIA+ soft armor will give you peace of mind when you answer the call to take up the fight.

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Our Customers Love Us

Hendrix P.

This a a very helpful tool for our team. We've been training with it and I can see the great quality of the shield. I highly-recommend this to those in the frontlines!

Raymond S.

Very well made, and great quality. Not to heavy where a officer may not want to use. all of the hardware down to the padding are well made of of great materiel. Continuing to test and pass around for others opinion. Trying to make up our minds to go steel or ceramic.

Charles M.

This is an essential tool in our department and we're glad to have been able to get a good deal from RTS Tactical! Thanks to the Sales Team for the assistance.

Chris D.

After 6 months of wearing it it's even more comfortable. The Ivl 4 plates seem to not budge or shift around at all even after plenty of "hands- on" situations.

RTS did a damn fine job, worthy of an Infantryman's approval.

Titus S.

I first saw this at the SHOT Show and I'm so thrilled to finally see this available online! Great quality with awesome features! Really happy with this purchase!

Kane S.

This is simply one of the best concealable vests that's out in the market! It's very comfortable when worn. Plus, it's reasonably priced considering the quality of materials used.