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RTS Tactical Ballistic Pannels and Partitions

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Protecting those you love, or serve has never been more important than it is now. Ballistic armor is easy to buy for a single person. Outfit them with a plate carrier, helmet, and then they are pretty set. Although if you are protecting a larger number of people, or want to be able to provide better protection, you may need an entire panel of ballistic steel.



RTS Tactical has seen that many of our customers have this need, so we went ahead and designed some movable ballistic panels. We produce your normal ballistic steel panels, as well as see through glass ballistic panels.


Ballistic dividers are extremely useful for keeping any area safe. With our panels, you can move them around as you see fit, or attach them to a solid foundation for long term protection. These bulletproof wall panels are NIJ level III+ and are able to protect you from rounds up to 5.56 green tips. Which means that this bulletproof shield is able to keep you safe from just about every common round out there.


Fiberglass panels, and bullet resistant panels are nice, but in order to keep you and the people important to you as safe as possible, using steel armor plates would be your best bet. Plus if you want to get these panels, you don't want to get the smallest amount of protection possible.


Our panels can be used to bulletproof doors, make walls bulletproof, or act as a mobile barrier in any space. Plus, if you want to make this a mobile barrier, you can use our bulletproof glass panels. These panels are NIJ level III and can still stop an onslaught of high-velocity rifle ammunition, while allowing you to still see through them. 


A popular use for these glass panels is to create bulletproof windows. You can simply place these panels in front of any window or space and lock down the 4 caster wheels. This will keep the panel stationarity and allow you to stay protected.


Each of these panels come with 4 large caster wheels that allow you to move the panels around as you see fit. Although these wheels are removable and you can use the mounting points to attach the panel to another surface if you choose to. The size of these panels is also customizable.

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