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Navigating an Active Shooter Situation: A Guide to Survival

It’s a situation we never hope to face, and most likely will not, but as we witness a disturbing rise in active shooter incidents across the world, it becomes crucial to equip ourselves not just with the right tactical gear but also with the knowledge to navigate such threatening situations. RTS Tactical, renowned for world-class body armor and tactical gear, is here to provide you with a step-by-step guide to surviving an active shooter scenario.

Identifying the Threat

The initial moments of an active shooter incident are chaotic and disorienting. Stay calm, alert, and rely on your senses. Listen for unusual sounds - gunshots, screams, or alarms. Acknowledge the threat and mentally prepare yourself to act decisively.

Step 1: Evacuate

If there is a safe and accessible path, evacuate immediately. Leave your belongings behind, help others escape if possible, and once you are safe, call 911. Do not attempt to move injured people as this could put more lives in danger.

Step 2: Hide

If evacuation isn't possible, find a secure place to hide. Turn off lights, silence your phone, and barricade doors with heavy furniture. If you can't lock doors, use belts or ropes to tie down door handles. Try to remain silent and out of sight.

Step 3: Fight

As a last resort, and only when your life is in imminent danger, you may choose to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter. Use anything at hand as a weapon - chairs, fire extinguishers, or even pens. Aim for vulnerable areas such as the eyes, neck, or knees. Fight as a group, if possible, to increase your chances of overpowering the shooter.

Preparing Yourself with RTS Tactical Gear

As the old saying goes, "hope for the best, prepare for the worst." RTS Tactical's range of body armor and tactical gear can provide you with an added layer of security. Our tactical body armor, such as the RTS Tactical Ballistic Lightweight Level III+ Rifle Special Threats Active Shooter Kit, is engineered to mitigate high-velocity rifle rounds and absorb blunt force trauma.

Our NIJ Certified Armor has been tested to and beyond the rigorous NIJ Standards, earning trust from Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Civilians alike. Choose from our range of ballistic shields, plate carriers, and tactical gear, each designed to ensure your maximum safety and mobility during emergency situations.

Remember, your safety and survival are the topmost priorities in an active shooter situation. No matter what happens, stay calm, stay alert, and take the best course of action based on your assessment of the situation.

RTS Tactical is here, committed to your safety and peace of mind, offering not just world-class tactical gear, but also the knowledge you need to face the world fearlessly.

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*Note: This information is meant to provide a general guideline during an active shooter situation. Each scenario is unique, and individuals should use their best judgment in a crisis.