RTS Tactical Releases New Rifle Special Threat Rated  "Mini Shield™"  when School & Law Enforcement Safety is crucial.

RTS Tactical Releases New Rifle Special Threat Rated "Mini Shield™" when School & Law Enforcement Safety is crucial.


 A majority of Armored Ballistic Shields deployed in the field of service today by the United States Law Enforcement Agencies are missing Rifle Rated Protection and RTS Tactical set out to achieve a solution.

RTS Tactical’s response to this industry wide problem is our All New RTS Tactical Level III+ Rifle Special Threat Rated Mini Shield™  

Departments that currently spent 3X the cost for a high-level Polyethylene Level III Rifle Rated Shield however they are  missing protection from common street threats like that of 5.56 M855 Green Tip and 7.62X39 MSC which are proven penetrators of Polythene Level III.

The advantage of the RTS Tactical "Mini Shield™ " is that it offers quick deployment for protection against Brutal Special Threat rounds sought out in the DEA Body Armor Testing Protocols.

The all new RTS Tactical "Mini Shield™" stops rounds like 5.56x45mm 62 gr. M855 (Green Tip)

Russian 7.62x39mm 123 gr. MSC (M43) these rounds are known as the most common ammunition used in short barrel rifles in drive-by and other active shooter situations that our Law Enforcement commonly encounter. 

 Unlike Polyethene which struggles to stop 5.56mm  Green Tip and mild core AK rounds, this Armor with ease stops an onslaught of Special Threat rated high velocity rounds.

RTS Tactical Mini Shields are Manufactured in house in Miami Florida to guarantee the highest Quality Performance and long term Durable use in the Field.

As True to RTS Nature. The Mini Shield is equipped with a heavy duty handle, oversized Trauma Pad system, Quick Release Buckle for maximum Effectiveness in the Field.

In a recent occurrence a department in Texas got a call regarding a child that brought a weapon to school attempting to pursue a School Shooting, thankfully this department has previously purchased a Mini Shield for every one of their officers. 

They were able to breach the School, surround the child with the Mini Shields, he dropped the weapon this saved countless of innocent lives. 

After consulting with departments across America we got the feedback that Ballistic Shields for most departments are sitting in patrol vehicles and hardly used in active shooter situations, with the new RTS Tactical Mini Shield™ we are enabling every officer to have Special Threat Rifle Rated Protection when they need it most. 

We believe that the RTS Tactical Mini Shield™ is a gamer changer for Law Enforcement, and their ability to respond to fast in the moment active shooter situations.

The RTS Tactical "Mini Shield™" is available in three sizes:


Small: 12 X 18 inches

Medium: 14 X 24 inches

Large : 16 X 30 inches



Small: 11 lbs

Medium: 16.9 lbs

Large : 23.3 lbs


Retail Price: 

Small: $449.99

Medium: $599.99

Large : $749.99


The all new  RTS Tactical Level III+  "Mini Shield™" is currently in stock and shipping to Departments Coast to Coast available on the the RTS Tactical Website:


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