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Frequently Asked Questions

All RTS Tactical products are in stock and ready to ship with no lead-times. 

Shipping takes between 2-8 business days based on which state you live in.

All orders are shipped out of our facility in Miami Florida.

Yes, any adult can purchase and use a bulletproof vest unless that adult has been convicted of a felony.

RTS Tactical ships to all 50 States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Adding side armor to your kit setup is highly recommended as it ensures the extra kidney and side of your body protection.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of both steel & ceramic armor.

While steel armor is a popular option when a projectile hit the steel, this can cause fragmentation to fly off of the plate and we highly recommend upgrading your steel armor to the spall coated option.

Yes, the RTS Tactical armor lineup are all waterproof.

The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) states that body armor is generally allowed in your personal carry-on and checked bags, although TSA officers have the final say on whether certain items are allowed to pass through checkpoints.

AR500/600 Steel Armor 10 years.

There are hundreds of situations where you would be wise to have hard armor. Bulletproof clothing is a must in many tactical situations. While having a nice set of plates in your plate carrier is a good idea, body armor does not stop at your chest. You also need to keep your head protected. Thankfully, RTS Tactical carries the top-of-the-line body armor plates and helmets at affordable prices



We produce multiple body armor levels, and we have one for everybody. We start off producing NIJ Level III inserts, also called SAPI plates. These are AR500 plates that are capable of stopping all of your basic pistol rounds and even 7.62 x 39 mm. This is the lowest protection level we make and the lowest we recommend you go.


Next, we have NIJ Level III+ body armor. This level of body armor will make the perfect bullet proof vest for most situations. This armor is made of AR 600 steel and is capable of stopping 5.56 NATO rounds. These plates will make your tactical vest unstoppable for your most common cartridges.


If you want to be able to stop anything that comes your way, check out our Level IV body armor. These are made up of ceramic plates and are capable of stopping cartridges up to an armor piercing 30-06 round. Our Level IV body armor is the best ballistic plate you can have in one of our plate carrier vests.


To complete a bullet proof vest, you need one of our plate carriers. We have carriers that are able to hold your main ballistic plates, and side plates for extra protection. Plus, you can put other gear and pouches on them. If you want a slimmer profile check out our sleek carriers.


Next, you need a bulletproof helmet. This is something you do not want to skip out on. Your head is very exposed and keeping a Kevlar helmet on could be the difference between a bad day and your last day. Our ballistic helmets are designed according to FAST standards and allow you to get the maximum tactical benefit from your ballistic helmet while staying protected.


Lastly, you should consider our ballistic shields. A shield is a great tool to keep your entire body protected from threatening forces. These work great in riots or personal use. We couldn't recommend them more to our officers and military members.

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