RTS Tactical Reveals the RESES™ Spall Containment Chamber Technology at Shot Show 2022

RTS Tactical Reveals the RESES™ Spall Containment Chamber Technology at Shot Show 2022

Miami FL, January 1/16/2022

Soldiers and law enforcement personnel are trained to never give up and their armor shouldn’t quit either.

RTS Tactical set out on a mission to build life-saving armor technology that maximizes protection and performance in the field.

Today we reveal RESES™, the first Patent Pending Zero Spall Containment Chamber Technology in the Defense Industry.

RTS Tactical addresses the biggest weakness affecting modern steel armor applications with a unique containment chamber approach to stopping and encasing fragmentation.

How is the ‘’RESESTM’’ Technology effective?

When a fast moving projectile meets a ballistic Steel Armored Panel that is upgraded with the ‘’RESES™’’ Technology our proprietary chamber creates a sandbag effect suppressing the bullet trajectory resulting in the chamber encapsulating the round leaving no room for the
fragmentation to escape the ‘’RESES’’ containment chamber.
The result is zero fragmentation.
This new technology delivers spall and fragmentation protection to users and bystanders in
and around steel armor applications. This new approach to armor technology is continuing to
be developed for other steel armor solutions used in the Defense Industry.
RTS Tactical uses an advanced manufacturing process to deliver the RESESTM technology
with minimal addition of weight to the armor itself.
In testing, six rounds of varying calibers were fired into the RTS Tactical RESESTM Spall
Containment Chamber. 9 mm, 44 magnum, 5.56 and 7.62x51 rounds were all absorbed with
zero spalling. RTS Tactical’s ‘’RESES’’ Technology encased all fragmentation; not a single
micro fragment was released.

In addition, official NIJ third party lab testing confirmed these results with zero spalling when
six shot 7.62x51 mm military we're shot into one RESESTM Spall Containment Chamber.
This new Technology is currently shipping to Departments Coast to Coast available on the RTS
Tactical Website: https://rtstactical.com/products/rts-tactical-reses-level-iii-special-threat-armor

To see this technology in person drop by RTS Tactical’s Booth #80804 at Shot Show 2022 in
Las Vegas, Nevada.

About RTS Tactical:
RTS is a group of military and defense equipment experts dedicated to building better armor
and tactical equipment. Each product is designed to better serve real world military and law
enforcement personnel in the field. Extensive field testing and innovative technological
developments make RTS a leader in developing the best body armor and tactical equipment.
Patented technology is integrated into armor, offering a potentially life saving advantage for
Anyone utilizing RTS equipment in combat or service. Be Fearless with RTS Tactical Armor &
Tactical Gear.

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