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No matter what tactical situation you find yourself in, a medical kit is always something you need to have on you. Don’t get me wrong, having a firearm and body armor is always a great idea, however, you are not the only one with a firearm, and your body armor can not cover your entire body. Not only do you need the skills to perform in the field, but you also need the skills to be able to recover from any accident that may happen to you or someone else. An emergency kit can be just the thing to save a life in those situations.



In any IFAK or individual first aid kit you should always have a cat tourniquet. If there is a bullet wound or other major wound like a stab, a tourniquet can be the difference between life and death. In our Adventure Medical Kits, we make sure to include a swat tourniquet just in case. Plus Adventure Medical Kits make the best tourniquet around.

If you are building a plate carrier setup, you should definitely include medical equipment. It is never a bad idea to have a military first aid kit on you. Not only are they good in tactical situations, but they can also be very useful in car wrecks. Just having one of these in the glovebox could make all the difference in the event you have or observe a wreck. 

There are plenty of large trauma kits out there, but odds are if it is too big, you won’t carry it. That’s why we have the smallest possible IFAK kit that still has all of the medical supplies you need to stay safe and prepared. 

Tactical Medical Solutions also make some awesome first aid kits that are also molle pouches. Effectively you have an IFAK pouch that you can attach to any of your tactical gear. That means you do not even have to think about packing or keeping up with it since it is always attached and ready to go.

RTS Tactical always makes sure that our brands are producing the best possible gear out there at an affordable price, and we are happy to say that our medical kits are really for everyone. If you want a regular IFAK kit for your pack or a molle version, we have what you are looking for and you can be certain that your first aid kit will have everything you need.


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