Comfort & Functionality: Reviewing The OPSEC Plate Carrier

Comfort & Functionality: Reviewing The OPSEC Plate Carrier

When it comes to comfortability and functionality, the all new RTS Tactical OPSEC Advanced Quick Release Plate Carrier takes the top spot.

The OPSEC Plate Carrier is the most capable and premium plate carrier on the market. It's built specifically for elite military operations, SWAT teams, and entry teams who demand the highest standard of tactical gear, no matter mission or danger level.

In this video, our friends at Combat Arms Channel provided a full in-depth review of this plate carrier: including the build quality, comfort and fit, features, and more.

Designed to empower our heroes in the field with an uncompromising sense of safety and reliability, this carrier is equipped with a quick release buckle system, providing ultra-fast donning and doffing, while its 360 degree laser cut MOLLE platform ensures maximum customization with RTS Tactical’s Interchangeable front load out flaps and configurations.

Its ready-to-use SAPI compatible plates offer front, back and side protection, plus it can accommodate up to 6"x8" hard armor inserts. This carrier is also Premium Laser Cut MOLLE Cummerbund soft armor compatible.Roomy chest pockets allow for full sized iphone, pens and critical documents. Ready for the unexpected, its 32” Inch Long Drag Handle makes extraction easier in emergency situations.

This plate carrier has best-in-the industry spacer mesh for ultimate comfort when the mission requires you to wear your plate carrier for extended hours.

Ready yourself for any mission with the RTS Tactical OPSEC Advanced Quick Release Plate Carrier – because when lives are at stake, you won’t accept anything less than premium quality gear.

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