Riot Team Outfitting

Riot Team Outfitting

Law enforcement authorities have a lot to consider when assembling a riot control squad. The procedure is never one-size-fits-all, from pricing and sizing to the equipment used. To assist agencies in being ready before they make a purchase, RTS Tactical shared some tips that should be kept in mind.

What factors must agencies consider before outfitting a riot team?

Before making a purchase, agencies often have a solid concept of what they want or are searching for, but it's crucial to bear in mind the team size. Our suits are sized to be customizable and to accommodate a range of sizes. The RTS Tactical's Thunder Riot Protection Suit, included in a kit, is measured by the chest and worn over your uniform, much like a jacket. There are typically three sizes available when purchasing individual parts: medium, large, and extra large.

What are some of the essential tools required to equip a riot team?

Knee/shin guards, forearm/elbow guards, and other protective clothing are the essential components of a riot control team's uniform and are the most often purchased products. Protection for the upper body should also be taken into account. The RTS Tactical's Thunder Riot Protection Suit, which can be used with the included hard-shell plates or with the exposed Molle looping for tactical attachments, is one riot control option that departments can choose from. Departments also rely on existing tactical vests equipped with arm and leg protection. 

What are some of the riot gear fashions right now? Has there been any progress?

Fire-resistant material remains a crucially demanded alternative for local and foreign riot control teams. The most recent fashion recognizes the value of modular riot suit parts that can be switched out and utilized to construct the best riot control protection depending on the setting. We believe that our brand-new RTS Tactical's Thunder Riot Protection Suit is the most cutting-edge solution available. Also, deploying the RTS Tactical Ballistic Shield is critical for effectively responding to an active shooter situation. Cleverly designed for accuracy and function, first responders, law enforcement, and SWAT teams can eliminate a threat knowing they are shielded from harm.

What recommendations would you provide for smaller departments with limited resources that want to outfit a riot team?

To accommodate the demands of a riot control team's budget and size, we now offer four solutions for riot control suits at varied pricing points. The RTS Tactical Thunder Arm/Elbow Protection, which can be added to an existing tactical vest, are one of the a la carte components that departments can purchase to be worn with current equipment. Additionally available as a la carte items are knee/shin guards, forearm/elbow guards, and thigh/groin protection, giving a department the chance to outfit its crew with the Riot protective gears at an affordable price.

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