RTS Tactical RESES™ Technology Review By 704 Tactical

RTS Tactical RESES™ Technology Review By 704 Tactical

RTS Tactical set out to bring the first of it's kind solution for Fragmentation when it comes to Steel Armor.

As an operator, you are aware of the fragmentation issue. When a high velocity round strikes a hard surface such as a steel armor plate, the projectile fragments and can cause significant injury to the wearer and those close by.

 At RTS Tactical we set out to change that, we’ve taken the durability of steel armor and addressed the issue of fragmentation, or spall, head on. The answer is the RTS Tactical ‘’RESES’’™ Technology. Not just a fancy name, in practical terms, our armor is encased in a chamber of our proprietary composite mix which acts much like a sandbag barrier. This protection chamber captures and contains all bullet fragments preventing them from escaping and causing damage or injury

 The entire containment system is sealed with our proprietary, self-sealing Polyuria coating which seals the bullet hole instantly upon impact ensuring total containment of fragments.

 Your new Level III+ Special Threat Armored Plate has been lab tested and proved effective against Special Threat Rounds like 5.56 M855 GREEN TIP, 5.56 M193, 7.62×39, AK47/SKS Mild Steel Core, 7.62 x 51 M80. Full spall protection is guaranteed as long as the bullets strike at least 2 inches from the edge.

So, we present to you the first ever lab tested and approved “Zero Spall” plate. cost-effective USA made containment solution for law enforcement or anyone who needs reliable body armor. This is breakthrough technology that will save lives.


 Watch the video below to see how it preformed.  


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