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As of now, all products on the RTS Tactical Website are in Stock and Ready to Ship.

Yes! RTS Tactical Guarantees are always free and fast shipping. (Aside from the following states (ALASKA, HAWAII, GUAM AND PUERTO RICO)

RTS Tactical ships to anywhere within the USA (Including ALASKA, HAWAII, GUAM AND PUERTO RICO)

RTS Tactical offers free size exchanges up to one (1) time to ensure the best customer satisfaction

The customer is responsible to pay for the return label

There is a hassle-free return policy as long as the product is in perfect condition and within 30 calendar days from when it is delivered. (Does not apply for Ballistic Products)

RTS Tactical Ships all our orders out of our shipping facility located in Miami Florida.

If you want to be prepared for any situation, you definitely need body armor. If you already have a plate carrier equipped with ballistic armor plates, you should also consider getting a ballistic helmet. This will keep you as protected as possible. With our Level IV ballistic plates, and Level IIIA ballistic helmets, there is no situation you can not handle


Many of our helmets are Level IIIA although some of our highest tier helmets are able to stop 7.62 x 39 projectiles as well. Just your basic kevlar helmet can be the difference between a really bad day, and a really bad headache. If you are going into a situation that requires body armor, I would not forget to also wear a bulletproof helmet.


Plus if you need a PASGT helmet or army helmet, there is no better place to look than RTS Tactical. Body armor is what we do, and that goes beyond a plate carrier. We know that our customers need great helmets, and oftentimes (Future Assault Shell Technology) FAST helmets. Which is why we stock the best helmets on the market and make sure they are up to our high standards.


Our Ops Core Helmets are designed specifically to enable users to still use ear equipment, while extending coverage to the back of the head. This leads to better versatility in the field, and more protection from the rear. Our tactical helmets also feature a night vision bracket. This makes our helmets the perfect military helmet that can be used anytime, and anywhere. 


We also have tactical bump helmets. These helmets are a lot like our other helmets, but are not bulletproof. These helmets serve all the other purposes though. They are FAST designed, have the ability to hold night vision optics, and are great at protecting your head from blunt trauma while staying light.


Our Galvion Helmets are much like our bump helmets, except they can be ballistically enabled. You can think of them as sort of a hybrid between our ballistic helmets and our bump helmets.


RTS Tactical caters to military and public service members. There is no doubt that these individuals make up a healthy portion of our customer base. Seeing as that is the case we can confidently stock items that are only allowed to be sold to customers in that field. We can guarantee that you will be happy with your RTS Tactical gear, and thank you for your service.

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