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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, any adult can purchase and use a bulletproof vest unless that adult has been convicted of a felony.

Although there are companies who design “universal carriers”, ballistic shapes are typically unique to the manufacturer. Purchasing our ballistic panels to insert them in a different carrier is not recommended as we cannot guarantee that our shapes will fit in another company's carrier.

RTS Tactical offers free size exchanges up to one (1) time to ensure the best customer satisfaction.

The customer is responsible to pay for the return label

There is a hassle-free return policy as long as the product is in perfect condition and within 30 calendar days from when it is delivered. (Does not apply for Ballistic Products)

RTS Tactical ships all our orders out of our shipping facility located in Miami Florida.

In today’s age, it is always a good idea to be prepared for anything that comes at you. That includes having tactical gear like a plate carrier set up with body armor. Thankfully, RTS Tactical has the best plate carriers along with plenty of options when it comes to attachments like molle pouches


Our plate carriers are capable of withstanding any strain you put on them. They accept hard and soft armor inserts, and RTS Tactical makes level IIIlevel III+, and ceramic level IV body armor inserts for our tactical vests.

Other than holding up your AR500 armor, our molle vests can also hold your other gear. One of the most important pieces of gear for you to have is extra magazines. RTS tactical also has magazine pouches for your plate carrier vests. Other than our normal mag pouch, you can also add a molle pistol mag pouch. Having a sidearm is vital in a tactical situation, but you do not want to be left without an extra magazine for it. 

Molle magazine pouches are great, but there are also tons of other pouches and molle equipment out there that are useful. An admin pouch is a great addition to any molle vest. Not only should you be able to stop bullets with your own AR500 armor, but you should be able to help others that have been hit, or patch yourself up. These medkits are perfect for that, while still being a manageable size.

Similar to a molle mag pouch, you can have a molle radio pouch. Having a radio in a tactical situation that allows you to talk to everyone you need is vital, and always a good idea to have.

You should also check out our RTS bundles. We offer our tactical plate carriers along with two body armor inserts, a helmet, knee padselbow pads, and an optional mag pouch that can carry three magazines. Whatever it may be RTS Tactical has the gear you need to be prepared.

RTS Tactical always makes its products out of the best materials possible and we never settle for less. We consistently produce quality gear while keeping prices as low as possible. We know our customers do not want to spend an entire paycheck on their tactical gear, so we always do our best to offer the best prices in the industry while keeping quality at a maximum. 

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