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Shipping takes between 2-8 business days based on which state you live in.

All orders are shipped out of our facility in Miami Florida. 

Yes! RTS Tactical guarantees are always free and fast shipping. (Aside from the following states: Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico).

RTS Tactical offers free size exchanges up to one (1) time to ensure the best customer satisfaction.

The customer is responsible to pay for the return label

There is a hassle-free return policy as long as the product is in perfect condition and within 30 calendar days from when it is delivered. (Does not apply for ballistic products).

RTS Tactical ships all our orders out of our shipping facility located in Miami Florida.

If you want to be prepared for any tactical situation, you need the best tactical gear. While it is always good to have a ready firearm and a plate carrier, it all starts at your base layer. You have to have the right clothes for the job as well.



One of the first things you need to have are a good pair of sunglasses. Eye protection is very important while doing a lot of shooting. Plus if you are outdoors, you will likely need sunglasses anyway. You may as well make sure they are capable of protecting you while you are in the field.


Plenty of guys go straight to the military surplus store for their tactical gear, but that can be hit or miss. RTS Tactical is your one-stop shop to get everything you need to be prepared in the field. Not only do we have our own brand but we also stock Under Armour and 5.11 tactical gear. Many officers love these brands and use them to complete their police uniforms and police gear as well.


Next, you need to make sure you have some quality undershirts. This is where it all starts so you want to make sure you get the basics right. Then you can put on your tactical vest and be ready to go. If it is a bit colder out you will also need a tactical jacket, which can also help conceal your soft body armor.


After your torso is taken care of, you need to get some tactical pants. We have a variety of options when it comes to tactical pants or tactical leggins. The right pants are crucial to a good setup. These pants give you a place to store all sorts of smaller gear that you can keep on you at all times. Plus tactical pants are extremely tough and will not fail in the field. Propper and 5.11 pants are some of the best out there, and we carry both of those brands.


Then you need a good pair of boots that will let you go anywhere without having to worry about them. Comfortable boots that are waterproof are a must when you are in a tactical situation.


Lastly, you need a tactical backpack to keep your gear in. We stock 5.11 backpacks and they are built to last. All of our customers love them and they are super easy to use.

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