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RTS Ballistic Level III Armor Glass Panel Divider

RTS Ballistic Level III Armor Glass Panel Divider

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  • Law Enforcement Approved

  • Armor Made in the USA

  • Satisfaction Guarantee


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Defending What Matters Most: RTS Tactical Level III Armor Glass Panel Divider

In these uncertain times, safeguarding your loved ones, employees, or assets is paramount. At RTS Tactical, we understand this commitment to protection, which is why we've developed cutting-edge military-grade ballistic glass panels.

Our RTS Tactical Ballistic Armor Glass Panel Dividers are designed for flexibility. They can be effortlessly relocated and positioned where needed, providing unobtrusive security. Whether for public, private, or government facilities, these dividers can fortify entryways, cubicles, or windows.

These Level III dividers have undergone rigorous testing, proving their ability to withstand impacts from various armor calibers and velocities, including rifle rounds. Like all our ballistic products, RTS Tactical stands firmly behind its quality, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Make protection a necessity, not an option. Safeguard your workplace, home, and property with RTS Tactical Level III Armor Glass Panel Dividers.


RTS Tactical Level III Armor stops high-velocity rifle rounds, including 7.62x51mm NATO and 5.56x45mm M193. Stay safe and secure with this advanced body armor.

Test Rounds: Tested with an accredited NIJ-approved laboratory to meet or exceed ballistic resistance as specified under NIJ Standard 0108.01. [Level III: 7.62-mm ammunition with a barrel length of 22 inches. 7.62-mm FMJ with nominal masses of 150 gr and measured 2,850 VEL @ 50 ft./sec.].



  • 32’’ x 72


Guardian for 5 Years Strong Shelf Life

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  • Exceptional Multi-Hit Capability

    Unlike Ceramic or Polyethylene, RTS Tactical Glass Armor is superior. It confidently withstands numerous high-velocity rounds without compromise, setting it apart with unmatched toughness.

  • Relentlessly Robust Durability

    In the realm of durability, Glass Armor with heavy-duty wheels reigns, it maintains its ballistic integrity, a testament to its unwavering strength.

  • Complete Surface Panel

    In contrast to Ceramic or Polyethylene Armor, our Glass Armor, forged from a single solid piece, delivers full surface protection. No weak spots – just unyielding defense.

  • Visual Dominance:

    The Panel is made out of Glass ensures visual dominance, allowing you to control situations and respond effectively to threats.


At RTS Tactical, we understand that safety is paramount in today's world. That's why we designed our Armor Glass Panel Dividers. We recognized the need to protect homes, offices, and public spaces from potential threats while maintaining visibility. Our Ballistic Glass Dividers provide that essential balance, offering Level III rifle-rated protection against a range of calibers and velocities. Your safety is our priority, and we're committed to delivering the highest quality ballistic solutions for your peace of mind.


Glass Panel Features:

  • Mil-Spec Ballistic Glass
  • Glass panels can be placed in entryways, cubicles or protect windows without interference.
  • Stops an onslaught of high-velocity Rifle ammunition
  • Made in the USA and complies with the Buy American Act
  • The design incorporates a mechanism that allows two adjacent panels to be fixed together.
  • Accessories: Additional glass panels to create a wall or space divider

Easily and effectively mobility

  • Panels have removable caster wheels to allow for mobility
  • Customizable to specific sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of local & federal agencies, as well as schools, churches, and public spaces
  • 4 removable wheels
  • Steel frame with gaskets to ensure the longevity of use.
  • Package Includes: Level III Rifle Protection Mil-Spec Ballistic Glass Panel/Divider with Steel frame and 4 removable and/or lockable castor wheels
  • Free Standing Vertical Panels, Movable
  • Low-profile base with 4 heavy-duty, lockable caster wheels


We’ve worked with over 1,000 satisfied law enforcement departments, and growing.

Sumter County Sheriff's Office

‘’Thank you to RTS Tactical for the quality and functionality of their recent shield purchase, citing confidence and efficiency for officers.” They plan to turn to RTS Tactical for future needs, expressing gratitude for the invaluable impact on their team

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office

‘’RTS Tactical delivers top-notch service and supplies over 40 Medium-Level III+ Special Threat Mini Shields.” The Police Chief endorses RTS Tactical, emphasizing their commitment to officer safety and recommending them for reliable and effective equipment.

Seagoville Police Department

‘’We recently invested in RTS Tactical's Ballistic Shields, impressed by their quality and professional service. The enhanced safety and confidence these shields provide make a crucial difference for our officers in high-stress situations. We highly recommend RTS Tactical for Tactical Gear and Ballistic Products’’.

Chattanooga Police Department

Chattanooga PD's Lt. Rusty Morrison praises RTS Tactical's Level lll+ Rifle Shields for operational satisfaction, resilience, and ideal weight, balance, and maneuverability. “The seamless integration of 70 shields highlights their compatibility with evolving policing needs, backed by RTS Tactical's responsive support”.


Are there any lead times?

Due to high demand, these product is made to order with 15 days lead-time.

All orders are shipped out of our facility in Miami Florida.

What is the RTS Tactical Armor Glass Panel Divider made of?

Our Armor Glass Panel Divider is constructed from military-grade ballistic glass, engineered to withstand a range of armor calibers and velocities.

What protection level does it offer?

It provides Level III ballistic protection, effectively stopping various rifle rounds.

Can I install these dividers by myself?

Yes, they are designed for easy installation and can be relocated as needed.

Where can I use these dividers?

They are versatile and can be placed in entryways, cubicles, or windows in public, private, or government facilities.

Are these dividers bulletproof?

Yes, these dividers are bulletproof, offering reliable protection against potential threats.

Do you offer free shipping for this product?

Yes, we offer free shipping on this product, ensuring you receive it conveniently and cost-effectively.

What is included in the package?

Each package includes the Ballistic Glass Panel Divider and installation hardware.

Can these dividers be customized for specific sizes or shapes?

We offer customization options to meet your specific requirements. Please contact our customer support for details.

How do I clean and maintain the ballistic glass?

To clean the glass, use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth. Regularly inspect the glass for any signs of damage.

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Help when you need it


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